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Andrew Zumkehr

Andrew Zumkehr
Atwater, Calif.
Environmental Systems

Dissertation Title: Anthropogenic Sources of Carbonyl Sulfide: Implications for Inverse Analysis of Process-Level Carbon Cycle Fluxes (tentative)

What’s your area of research and why did you select it?

My research covers a broad range of environmental research topics, including air pollution, energy and environmental sustainability. I am passionate about environmental research because growing populations continue to strain the Earth's ability to support humanity, and that environmental research produces creative and novel ways for increasing and extending the Earth's human carrying capacity. Additionally, I believe that environmental research can improve the global quality of life and reduce conflict resulting from resource competition. 

What’s your most memorable UC Merced experience?

It is difficult to give one memory that stands out. As a first-generation college student, all the major milestones in my education are very memorable: acceptance to UC Merced, passing my qualifying exams, and finally, preparing for graduation.

What are your plans after graduation?

I hope to use my expertise in geographic information systems and environmental research to help find real-world solutions to challenging environmental issues.

What advice would you offer those considering graduate school?

For those considering graduate school, I would advise pursuing an undergraduate research opportunity. Undergraduate research is the best way to understand how different research is from coursework and allows a prospective graduate student to know if graduate school will be a good fit while also improving their CV for graduate school applications.