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Aspen Fernando

Aspen Fernando
Rocklin, Calif.
Biological Sciences and Economics
What are your plans upon graduation?
I plan to apply to medical schools within the U.S. I want to attend the University of Southern California School of Medicine because they offer a joint MD/MBA program. However, while I am waiting for admissions to medical school, I plan to utilize my economics degree working for a financial firm in the San Francisco Area.
How has your experience at UC Merced prepared you for future endeavors?
Since UC Merced is a research/STEM-based institution, I was able to learn and professionally advance myself in the medical field because they offer so many opportunities. UC Merced, specifically in the STEM departments, is astounding. UC Merced would host students attending medical conferences and even have workshops on suturing. As a graduating senior, I definitely feel like I am ready for the next step because of these experiences.
Were you part of any clubs or organizations while at UC Merced?
Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity (President), Pilipino American Alliance (Barrio Fiesta Event Chair), Kappa Sigma (Executive Secretary), Associated Students of UC Merced (External Office Chief of Staff), Campus Activities Board (Traditional Events Co-Chair, Pre-Health Council (Vice-President), Order of Omega Honor Society (President), Professional Fraternity Council (President), Fraternity & Sorority Council (President), Bright Success Center Peer Academic Advisor, Mercy Medical Emergency Room Volunteer
What research opportunities have you taken part of at UC Merced?
As part of the Wright Economics Lab, I’ve helped to investigate the effect on a company when acquiring a patent for their products in a foreign country, specifically, the impact on their performance and growth as a firm.
How do you feel you’re leaving your mark at UC Merced?
The legacy that I am leaving at UC Merced is to show those who are younger that they could do anything at UC Merced and that anything is possible when you attend UC Merced. There is usually a stereotype when it comes to students being in a specific major. For example, if you are a biology major, the stereotype dictates that you have to be constantly studying or joining health organizations that will benefit your career. As a biology major, of course I joined organizations that helped me further my career, but I also joined organizations and assumed leadership positions that are nowhere related to my career. Hopefully, when people view me, I hope they feel motivated to constantly push themselves and try to be the better version of themselves, as well as to be different.