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Sammantha Fajardo

Sammantha Fajardo
North Hollywood
What are your plans upon graduation?
After graduation, I will be continuing my time at UC Merced by working orientation during the summer. I hope to continue to work in Merced and save up to get my master’s degree in psychology.
How has your experience at UC Merced prepared you for future endeavors?
I feel like I have gained an experience at UC Merced that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. I have come to love the school and have grown with the community, which has made me want to stay and give back in any way that I can.
Were you part of any clubs, organizations while at UC Merced?
I have been a part of the women's cross country team throughout my four years. I was a part of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee for 3 ½ years, where I was vice president for one and president for two.  Within that, I became the representative for the California Pacific Conference in a group called Association of Student Athletes and held that position my last two years.
What other experiences have you had at UC Merced?
I was a curatorial intern for two semesters, where I helped run the UC Merced Art Gallery and act as a curator in contacting artists, setting up and taking down exhibitions. 
How do you feel you’re leaving your mark at UC Merced?
I feel like I have left my mark at UC Merced by being able to provide my experience and insight to incoming students. Having been a part of orientation for the past two years, I have connected and eased incoming students with my stories and experience. I also feel that with being heavily involved with athletics, I have been able to leave my mark within our student-athlete community. Having been the president and a national representative, I had the opportunity to contribute to the connections and the structure that our community and UC Merced athletics now has.