Achieve your Dream

Your university experience shapes who you are now and who you will become.

A Lasting Bond

Students leave UC Merced with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

You Matter

Students credit our supportive professors and staff for making the difference in their academic success.

Ready for the Future

Whether it’s academia or the workforce, our students leave here with the skills necessary for success.

Sweet Success

Commencement is the culmination of years of focus, and is an exciting time for graduates and their families.

Cause for Celebration

Nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment that comes from earning your degree.


The countdown has begun...

Please check this website and your UC Merced email regularly for announcements regarding commencement activities, requirements and suggestions.

UC Merced Alma Mater


“My Merced” Lyrics
(Music and lyrics by Jimmy Dunne)

In the soil a dream was planted
In the rich earth, just a seed
The ground was tilled so tenderly
To cultivate – the best in me

And the seed grew to a garden
As far as I can see
She welcomed me with open arms
That gave life to my dreams

Her lantern’s light
Shines so bright
For the world to see

My Merced, UC Merced
My Merced…
From a seed